As a self proclaimed play ambassador I try to be a role model of playfulness. I am passionate about helping adults see the power of playfulness because I know how it can improve our lives, communities and increase productivity, enhance learning and development and make work more fun.

I have a masters in Creative Studies.  What’s that you ask?  Well basically, I have studied the 60 plus years of research on creativity, problem solving and innovation.  Playfulness is an affective skill that makes people more creative.   I also work as a consultant  in the Learning & Development  and Innovation fields.  I design and deliver programs in innovation, creative problem solving, generational differences, customer service, technical skills, etc.

In addition, I own an escape room  in Buffalo, NY- 3600 Escape.  An escape room is a real life adventure game where you have 60 minutes to find clues, solve puzzles and escape or complete your challenge. It’s great fun to watch people play an experience I helped to build.  Because of my background in learning & development and creativity I combine learning and assessments (Myers-Briggs and FourSight) with the escape rooms.

I love otters and squirrels because they are often my role models of playfulness and they bring me joy.  I hope you will enjoy these blogs and that they will encourage you to be more playful.


Erica Swiatek